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Tuttomosaico: Our sister site for the provision of mosaic tile by the full box and square meter. Promote your mosaic art work on-line! This co-operative mosaic website, created by Xinamarie and Artful Crafter, is a gateway for mosaicists to attract buyers and clients. Full of all kinds of mosaic art, all styles, all tastes, all types. Don"t have a website? Now you don"t need one! And if you have a website, your work on the site will help draw the art-buying public to your site.

Useful directories and communities
Mosaic Art Photo Gallery - A free online photo gallery where mosaic artists can display photos of their art. Create your own personalized online portfolio gallery to display photos of your artwork.
Institute of Mosaic Art, Oakland, CA: Institute of Mosaic Art is housed in a 5000 sq. ft building in Oakland, CA. Courses for all levels, beginner to professional.
Yahoo Mosaic Artists Group
SAMA, society of American mosaic artists
BAMM, British Association of Modern Mosaic
Cole Sonafranks Mosaic Links page
Yahoo Mosaic Group
Mosaic Matters
Mosaico Ravenna
Mosaico Search Engine
Craft World Online Arts and Crafts Directory
Mosaic Tours Australia, offering the perfect mix of travel and creativity, with mosaic based tours and holidays, stained glass patterns

Mosaic Artist I love and admire:
Faust Art Gallery<\a>, Gabriella Canestrini
Stephen Brailo
Richard Frey
Laurel True/ True Mosaics Studio
Art-Mosaic in Russia
Gerry Lavery Aquilo Mosaics
Concetta Perot's Glittering Mosaics
Sandy Robertson's Ozmosaics
Sonia King Mosaics
Dawnmarie's ladybug hill mosaics
Hannacrois mosaics
Irina Charny
Gary Drostle
Norman Tellis' Classical Mosaics
Flamingo Fanny's Mosaics
Joe Urena's Mosaic Legs
LimiTaTa's mosaics
Broken Back Mosaics
Brit Hammer's Earth Wind & Tiles
Jessica's Summer Tree Mosaics
Deb Carlson Wight
Karen Ami
Donna Van Hooser
Kathy Green
Monica Hartman
Faducci: Mosaic Sculpture
Must Be Mosaics by Colleen
Sandra Ramos Mosaics at
Laurel Skye Mosaics: A fabulous mosaicist also offering world famously fun workshops.
Laura Aiken, Simple Mosaics
Esther Lam
Helene Tarnier
Lisa Roussel
J.E.F. Labelle: Not a mosaicist, but an excellent painter, particularly of landscapes, and an artist who first awakened the artistic instinct in me.
Line Dauvergne by Lillian Faustle, Netherlands
Inspired Mosaics offers a professional, friendly and creative mosaic design service in addition to fantastic weekend and summer mosaics courses. by Audrey Meyer Munz, Israel for the lovely work of Greet Weitenberg

General Related interest sites:
L"occhio di vetro di Marco De Biasio -- fusion, beads, and hot glass art:

Vicki Hardin Clay art and Clay web guide:
The Autocad Grandad's architectural design and building plans site:
Mosaics page of the craft supplies corner site
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