Welcome to our guide to mosaic courses and workshops. Here you can find information on short-term courses available in Italy and in English or Italian. The finest instructors offer short-term mosaic classes in Ravenna, Venice, Verona, Naples, Rome and beyond. For Beginner through to Master, these courses are overseen by recognised masters, including Lucianna Notturni and Lucio Orsoni.

If you run a mosaic course in Europe, and would like us to publish it here, please contact us

ITALY: MILANO. Course with Yael Reuveni in ITALIAN

ITALY: RAVENNA. Course with Luciana Notturni in ENGLISH, ITALIA

ITALY: TRENTO Course with Bianca Bassi in ITALIAN

ITALY: VENICE. Course with Orsoni in ENGLISH

ITALY: VERONA. Course con Federica Casanova in ENGLISH, ITALIAN

UNITED KINGDOM: Broadstairs (Kent), mosaic with Martin Cheek in