About Us

Xinamarie Mosaici was formed in 2000 to fill gaps in the mosaic tile market and to fill homes with beauty and art.

Christina Ayer, mosaic artist, discovered early on that the supply choices for a small operation mosaicist were often limited to 'pay extortionately high prices for retail/hobby shop tile' OR 'buy extortionately high quantities direct from manufacturers for reasonable prices'. I opted for the second choice, and decided to sell the excess quantity at a very minimal mark-up in order to offer a third, better, choice to other hobbyists, artists, and small workshops -- now with you can choose 'small quantities AND reasonable prices'. As an artist, I recognise the difference that high quality tile can make to an end piece, and as such, I insist on only the highest quality tile for my own work as well as for my whole stock of tiles.

About Christina Ayer, the artist:
I have been working as an artist on and off since 1992. Although my art is now dedicated almost entirely to mosaic, I began with painting, primarily in oils. In both paint and mosaic, I am mostly a 'colourist', fascinated with how colours and light work together to create harmonies and evoke emotions.

Mosaic, for me, is the most interesting form of art because it can be produced on so many levels, each level with its own particular merits and specific language. Mosaic can be decorative - simple additions to practical objects that bring light and beauty into our everyday lives, bringing a smile or happy thought as we go about our day. And mosaic can be fine art, stunning and astonishing the viewer into new levels of understanding and conciousness, challenging our standards of perception.

Mosaic is also fascinating because, at its most basic level, it is very accessible, an 'art form for the people'. An absolute beginner's first mosaic piece can be a very beautiful thing. Without years of study or even more years of practice, without any special kind of genius, 'normal' people can access this fabulous expressive medium and feel the thrill of creating something beautiful.

Christina and Gabriele now live in Lake Garda, in Northern italy, with our three beautiful children.