Eco Smalti in Chunks

This wonderful lead free smalti material from Bisazza comes in super thick chunks format, giving unprecedented freedom with your tesserae shape and size -- whereas with traditional smalti you only ever have the 1cm thickness to work your tesserae shape in, this smalti comes as thick as 2.5cm! It completely revolutionises the way you use smalti -- big pieces can now be a part of your pallet!

The Bisazza Ecosmalti is also known for a super rich and deep colour. Many of the colours have striations and swirls and spots that come close to natural materials like marble, granite and precious stones. In fact, these colour rich chunks are the same material that Bisazza uses to colour the plain glass used for vetricolor and other less intense tiles -- add a couple of chunks to the pot, and there is instant colour!

But there is a downside...the Bisazza factory in Spilimbergo that used to produce this material closed down a couple of years ago. Bisazza no longer makes this material for public consumption. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a big portion of the very last of their stock, and so have quite a bit to offer...but only while supplies last!

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